District Stations

Washington County Ambulance Services has two ambulance districts to best serve Washington County. Both stations are fully staffed 24/7 with a Paramedic Level ambulance.

District 1

District 1aDistrict 1b


Phone: 319-653-2047


1120 N 8th Avenue

Washington, IA 52353

This station houses administrative offices, main supply, training and educational facilities, mechanical supply, and our reserve ambulances and ATV.

District 1 Service area includes: Washington (rural & city), Ainsworth (rural & city), Brighton (rural & city), Crawfordsville (rural & city), Riverside (rural), Keota (Rural), Wayland (rural) and West Chester (rural & city).  

District 2

District 2

Northern Washington County

Phone: 319-656-2699


2285 133rd Street

Kalona, IA 52247

This station houses a Primary 911 response ambulance and a back up unit for additional crews during high call volumes.   This ambulance serves the northern parts of Washington County, providing quicker response times to our citizens.

District 2 Service area includes: Kalona (rural & city), Richmond (rural & city), Riverside (rural & city), West Chester (rural).