Emergency Services

Washington County Ambulance Services provides 24/7 Paramedic level coverage.  All requests for ambulances go through the Washington County Emergency Communications Center.  

We respond to all 911 calls requiring medical/ambulance. Our call types include: Welfare Check, Public Assistance, Law Enforcement Standby, Medical, Trauma, Fires, Motor Vehicle Incidents, Medical Alarms, Unknown 911s, etc. We are dispatched by the Washington County Emergency Communications Center.   

Patients who call 911 will be transported to the most appropriate facility for their condition. If patients choose to bypass the closest appropriate facility they may be asked to sign an ABN. Patients wishing to go to a hospital outside of an allowable range may be required to be transported nearest appropriate facility and request transfer to their hospital to be arranged.  

Crews are dispatched and communicate via a state of the art P-25 digital radio system. All management and on duty staff have a radio on them during their shift. All fleet vehicles & district stations are equipped with radios. Ambulance Service radios are programmed with  frequencies for Washington County, Surrounding agencies and State/Federal Emergency Frequencies.