Food Safety for Licensed Establishments

This page will help any person wanting to start up a food business. There are many important documents to review. Anyone wanting to start up a business will need to notify the Environmental Health Office (319-653-7782) to get further instructions on what they will need, specific to their establishment. When a new establishment wants to get started there are many steps to the process.
Lab Technician
Existing Establishments
Existing establishments can get information about disaster clean up from this site. There are many problems that you can face as an operator, and some of the more common problems are on this section of the site.
There are also many links to helpful information from this site. The department offers Free Food Safety Talks and Hand Washing Demos to food employees of establishments. So if you are just starting or a seasoned professional this site hopefully will help you.
Preparing Food

Focus on Food Safety


New Establishment Information

Emergency Situations