Food Safety for Temporary Establishments

This page of the site is for all the non-profits and for-profit vendors that set up temporary stands during the year in Washington County. Any food vendor that sells food in the county is required to have a temporary license and inspection to legally sell food.

On this site, you will find information from the application, hand washing station, pre-setup checklist, and guide to selling at a temporary event. Free food safety talks are available for non-profit organizations and groups to educate about food safety.

1st Timers

If it is your 1st time selling in Washington County, we will set up a time to visit with you about temporary food vending in the county, so we can continue to have safe food events.

Cottage Foods

The 89th Iowa General Assembly passed new legislation (HF2431) which allows cottage foods to be prepared in a residence that is not subject to inspection and licensing. 

To learn more about the requirements to sell cottage foods please visit:

Note: No uninspected meat "not for sale" can be served to the public.

Helpful Downloads

Food Trailer