Washington County Sheriff's Office

We invite you to visit our office in Washington, Iowa and see for yourself the facility, the employees and the work that is being done.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Patrol is comprised of 15 sworn law enforcement officers, Chief Deputy Shawn Ellingson, Patrol Supervisor Lieutenant Chad Ellis, Patrol Sergeants Kirk Bailey and Aaron Gould. All deputies and supervisors are Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified. County patrol provides Law Enforcement services to all of Washington County's 567 Square miles, and approximately 22,000 citizens.


The Sheriff is responsible for administering the following entities:
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Jail
  • 911 dispatch
  • Civil process
  • Records administration
City Coverage
Washington County Sheriff's Office involves all the unincorporated areas of Washington County and 7 incorporated cities:
  • Ainsworth
  • Brighton
  • Crawfordsville
  • Kalona
  • Riverside
  • Wellman
  • West Chester


Primary state and federal highways through Washington County are Highways 1, 22, 78, 92, and 218. Patrol uniforms are worn according to Iowa State Sheriffs' and Deputies' Association (ISSDA) standards, as are the patrol car markings.


Sheriff’s Patrol is committed to providing continued patrolling of schools, and communities. This active patrolling is intended to deter criminal activity, promote adherence to traffic laws, observe traffic hazards and assist motorists / citizens in need. Patrol officers are required to make initial investigations and Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), depending on the severity. Patrol deputies assist ambulances and fire departments, respond to and investigate traffic accidents and give public presentations to schools and service groups.

Criminal Investigation

The Sheriff’s Office has a criminal investigator available to assist with major felony incidents, sexual abuses / assaults. The investigator is also responsible for monitoring all ongoing patrol deputy investigations.

Reserve Unit

Washington County Reserve Unit also is assigned patrol duties for the County as needed. The Reserve Unit will hire out for special celebrations, high school sports events, and an occasional private security request.