Division Responsibilities
The administrative office is responsible for the computer processing of all citations, parking tickets, warning notices, arrests, incidents and accidents, as well as various other official documentation for 11 full-time city police officers, 12 full-time county deputies and 14 part-time reserve deputies. The administrative office takes pride in keeping all records accurate, up to date and readily accessible and strives to maintain an organized, efficient, professional and friendly work environment.

Claims Processing
The administrative office also processes all claims (expenditures), updates and maintains all incident and criminal files and is responsible for the processing and distribution of all officer reports and statistical information.

Criminal Background
Criminal History information for background or employment purposes may be obtained from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

Administrative Supervisor Duties
The Administrative Supervisor is in charge of business office administration, serving as confidential secretary to the Sheriff, as well as works closely with other administrative staff. The Administrative Supervisor also assists with internal budgeting, performs payroll duties for all Washington County Public Safety Center employees, including reserve deputies and rescue personnel, and performs the majority of departmental purchasing.