Chapter 36 - Snow & Ice Removal

  1. 36.01 Purpose
  2. 36.02 Level of Service
  3. 36.03 Sequence of Service
  4. 36.04 Limitation of Service
  5. 36.05 Emergency Conditions
36.01 Purpose
The purpose of this chapter is to establish Washington County’s policy and level of service in respect to clearance of snow or ice and maintenance of its secondary road system during the winter months, specifically defined as November through April, as provided in Section 668.10(2) of the Code of Iowa, and pursuant to the provisions of Section 309.67, Code of Iowa. This policy and level of service are to be implemented within the amount of money budgeted for this service, as contained in Washington County’s secondary road budget as submitted to and approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation and adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The clearance of roads at any cost, under any circumstances, day or night, is not the County’s policy.