Naturalist Services

Educational Services Provided
The Washington County Conservation Board (WCCB) through its Environmental Education (EE) Program seeks to create an environmentally literate and responsible citizenry.
To that end, the WCCB has created the following goal for its EE Program:
  • To interpret the natural resources of the county, promote their conservation, and to develop an environmentally responsible citizenry
  • To active involvement of citizens with the outdoors is recognized as crucial to the accomplishment of this goal
  • To conserve natural resources and be environmentally responsible, citizens need to be environmentally sensitive and have knowledge and problem solving skills so that their actions aid in achieving a healthy balance between natural and human made environments
Pond Study Group
Our award-winning EE Program offers a wide variety of programming for schools, youth groups, family groups, civic groups, the general public, and a plethora of other special interest groups. For more information send an email to the Naturalist.

Conservation Programs

The Washington County Conservation Board is asked to speak at meetings and gatherings of many organizations, from youth groups to civic organizations to retirement homes. Presentations are available on a wide variety of environmental subjects. Slide programs are also available.

Public Programs

Attendance has grown steadily at the many public programs sponsored by the WCCB. Public programs on wildflowers, birds, mammals, ponds, streams, and other topics of interest are given regularly. The WCCB also sponsors special events such as the Halloween Hike, the youth fishing derby, the night time prairie burn, and others, which provide family-oriented entertainment and education. Check the calendar page for upcoming events.

School Programs

Classes, guides, and assistance are provided for both students and teachers to assist in the environmental education of our greatest natural resource, our youth. Activities are generally hands-on and are available for inside the classroom and out.


Earthtones is published quarterly by the WCCB and features descriptions of activities, natural history, upcoming programs, and local conservation issues and concerns. Subscriptions are free. To receive Earthtones via mail or email, please email the WCCB Office. You may also read the newsletter online.

Crowd at a Burn
Kids waiting to Board the Bus