Resolution 14-08 - Fences

Compensation for damages involving fences on property acquired by easement for public highway purposes will be paid as follows:
  • No payment will be made for fence where there is no existing fence.
  • Removal of existing fence by owner = $5 per rod.
  • Payment for removal will be made after fence has been removed.
  • Woven Wire: 47inches woven wire with 1 strand of barbed wire = $50 per rod, H-Brace = $100 per each
  • Barbed Wire: Minimum of 4 strands of barbed wire = $32 per rod, H-Brace = $100 per each
  • Hi-Tensile: Minimum of 7 strands of wire = $33 per rod, Double End Brace = $125 per each
  • Payment for new fence will be made after installation of the fence.
  • New fence must be built within 2 years of completion of roadway construction to be eligible for payment.